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Hypno Welless Therapy is the Real Deal

Hypno-Wellness-Therapy can be used to overcome many obstacles in life.

Some clients express "experiencing a miracle" because they achieve what they perceived as impossible. Hypnosis is not a magic wand or a miracle cure...
All of Charles therapy work and training is based
on real mind sciences, effective proven positive thought therapy and emotional energy healing therapy techniques.

Private Health Fund Rebates Available: 

Private health fund rebates are now available for clinical hypnotherapy services with selected health funds.

Please enquire with your health fund provider as to your level of cover and possible rebate.

Rebates are available to Clinical
Members of the AHA, Australian Hypnotherapists Association and registered with the National Hypnotherapists 
Register of Australia.


FREE Consultation available...!

Would you like to meet with Charles and 
discuss what’s possible from Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching or Wellness therapy for you?

Then call Charles today on 0418 848 121 and arrange your free consultation of up to one hour in person... not over the phone.!

Free consultations are available at the Essendon Clinic Only.

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Welcome to Melbourne Hypnotherapy by Charles Vella

Melbourne hypnotherapist and Wellness Therapist Charles Vella established 
Hypnotherapy Melbourne to provide an alternative solution for clients seeking
to achieve their personal best and improve the quality of their lives.

Providing a secure, friendly and professional environment, free from judgment
or opinion, clients resolve any conditions they are finding difficult to overcome themselves. 

What makes Charles different

Hypno Wellness Therapy; Developed by Charles Vella in clinical practice is
what makes this hypnotic based therapy so effective beyond other standard
hypnosis or hypnotherapeutic sessions. It is Charles Vella's holistic approach
to healing the "Mind and Body" as one and not separately.

You might be wondering... what can Hypnotherapy do for me?

Hypno Wellness Therapy can be used to overcome anxiety and stress, quit
smoking cigarettes, lose weight, feel more confident and in control, experience
new relationships or improve existing ones, stop binging habits, conquer depression, cease bulimic behaviours and finally experience freedom from phobias or fears.
Charles can really help you
to achieve the changes you want in your life.

Perhaps you are searching for an alternative to what may not be currently working
for you?
Hypno Wellness Therapy could work for you.

Perhaps you have already heard about our successful
Hypno Wellness Therapy
treatments from your caring friends or family members who have already benefited
from working with Charles in sessions to resolve their own challenges?

Your next step is to call Charles and get help. Call 0418 848 121 Today.

Quit Smoking
Weight Loss
IBS Wellness
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Stress & Anxiety
Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety
Negative Emotions
Depression stress anxiety fear sadness anger guilt treatment
Physical Wellness
use hypnosis to relax from life's stresses relaxation techniques with hypnosis get help losing weight with hypnosis free yourself from addictions with hypnosis alcohol gambling get free from your phobias like public speaking driving and flying
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